Legends of Leone

Book One: The Crystal Ordeal

The Crystal Ordeal

Book Two: I’m significantly more delayed on this than I thought I would be. I’m sorry to everyone waiting on this one. Due to some rather significant life sidetracks, progress has been going slowly. I will keep moving ahead, slowly but surely.


6 Responses to Books

  1. Joy says:

    Just finished reading this wonderful book! Really fascinating with many LOL moments thrown in too. Now, when is the next book coming out? I can’t wait to read more of their adventures.

  2. Phillip says:

    What is the latest date for a follow up to book 1 ?

    • mgdekle says:

      No date yet, I’m afraid. Slowly but surely. I would like to push forward and have the next book out by the end of the year, though that goal will probably be affected by the number of courses I’ll be teaching in the meantime. Definite goal to have it out by the third anniversary, which I know is not super ideal for an author. My apologies on that one.

  3. Alex brandes says:

    I loved this book and I got it when it was still pretty new on amazon and I loved it from beginning to the end. a couple times a year or so I am looking through my kindle library, see this book and automatically go to the store to see if a new book is out yet. This time I went to the internet hoping for an estimated release date and Ifound this site. So if you still are working on it to you have an updated estimate of when it will be released? Thank you

    • mgdekle says:

      Sorry about the very late response. I’m glad you enjoyed the book! The new book is still in the works, though I don’t have an estimate, I’m afraid. I’ll be posting more info up here and on Facebook once I have more to share.

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